New study rooms in library and more ‘in the works’

The Cosumnes River College library recently opened study rooms for students.

“The study rooms are a place for group study,” said Andi Adkins, a CRC librarian.
These rooms are designed for students working in large groups.

“Students enjoy their privacy. These rooms are a nice place to go and have a discussion,” Adkins said.

If a group needs a room then any individual students there are asked to leave, Adkins said.

The study rooms allow students to talk amongst themselves without interfering with students wanting to study in a quiet environment and are located on the first floor of the library.

“We have six rooms total,”  said Adkins, noting that additional rooms are under-works and  are free of charge. “We’re hoping to have more by the end of this semester or early next semester.

Other changes coming to the library are new notebook computers.

“We received a grant and purchased six notebook computers,” said Adkins.“Students them check out for two hours.”

Students can also get supplies for the whiteboards and get assistance from a librarian.

“If they need research tips they can come to the reference desk and we can help them,” Adkins said.

The study rooms allow students to openly talk with each other.

“There haven’t been any big issues besides the  occasional noise during group discussions,” Adkins said. “Students are usually good about quieting down when we ask them.”

Many students weighed in on study rooms.

“I like them, but I think we need more because you have to share with other students sometimes,” said Gagan Dhaliwal, 19, a biology major.“They should be smaller.”

Because the rooms fill up quickly, students have to patiently wait for a vacant room.

“I think they should build more because everyone fights for them” said 20-year-old, Pauline Cielo, a nursing major. “We either have to wait or get lucky,” said Cielo, as she waited for a room to open.

Both Cielo and Dhalial agreed that study rooms have their pros and cons.