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2016-2017 Staff

Staff Member
Artemus Steele See Artemus Steele’s profile
See Artemus Steele’s profile
Tyler Twist See Tyler Twist’s profile
See Tyler Twist’s profile
Naomi Nater See Naomi Nater’s profile
See Naomi Nater’s profile
Jasmine Jernigan See Jasmine Jernigan’s profile
See Jasmine Jernigan’s profile
Austin Ramirez See Austin Ramirez’s profile
See Austin Ramirez’s profile
Justin Cordero See Justin Cordero’s profile
See Justin Cordero’s profile
Kristi Doan See Kristi Doan’s profile
See Kristi Doan’s profile
Steven Bryla See Steven Bryla’s profile
See Steven Bryla’s profile
Jannah Khalil See Jannah Khalil’s profile
See Jannah Khalil’s profile
Missy Amaya See Missy Amaya’s profile
See Missy Amaya’s profile
Jeannie Cordero See Jeannie Cordero’s profile
See Jeannie Cordero’s profile
Kristine Yabumoto See Kristine Yabumoto’s profile
See Kristine Yabumoto’s profile
Shannon Rusche See Shannon Rusche’s profile
See Shannon Rusche’s profile
Stan Smith See Stan Smith’s profile
See Stan Smith’s profile
Andrew Maestas See Andrew Maestas’s profile
See Andrew Maestas’s profile
Lola Chase See Lola Chase’s profile
See Lola Chase’s profile
Courtney Fong See Courtney Fong’s profile
See Courtney Fong’s profile
Kaelyn Blizzard See Kaelyn Blizzard’s profile
See Kaelyn Blizzard’s profile
Julie Wallinger See Julie Wallinger’s profile
See Julie Wallinger’s profile
Jared Lee See Jared Lee’s profile
See Jared Lee’s profile
Ashley Navarro See Ashley Navarro’s profile
See Ashley Navarro’s profile
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