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2018-2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Mason WhiteStaff WriterSee Mason White's profile
See Mason White's profile
Michaela GravesStaff WriterSee Michaela Graves's profile
See Michaela Graves's profile
Roger MitchellStaff WriterSee Roger Mitchell's profile
See Roger Mitchell's profile
Alexandra TriggStaff WriterSee Alexandra Trigg's profile
See Alexandra Trigg's profile
Tairiq MarshallStaff WriterSee Tairiq Marshall's profile
See Tairiq Marshall's profile
Jayson PriceStaff WriterSee Jayson Price's profile
See Jayson Price's profile
Lucy VangStaff WriterSee Lucy Vang's profile
See Lucy Vang's profile
Kellie BevinsStaff WriterSee Kellie Bevins's profile
See Kellie Bevins's profile
Skyler MaclennanStaff WriterSee Skyler Maclennan's profile
See Skyler Maclennan's profile
Lilianna OrdazStaff WriterSee Lilianna Ordaz's profile
See Lilianna Ordaz's profile
Marysol OlveraStaff WriterSee Marysol Olvera's profile
See Marysol Olvera's profile
Steven Gutierrez Jr.Staff WriterSee Steven Gutierrez Jr.'s profile
See Steven Gutierrez Jr.'s profile
Nekita SmithStaff WriterSee Nekita Smith's profile
See Nekita Smith's profile
Victoria BlancoStaff WriterSee Victoria Blanco's profile
See Victoria Blanco's profile
Crick FulenchekStaff WriterSee Crick Fulenchek's profile
See Crick Fulenchek's profile
Summer LomendeheStaff WriterSee Summer Lomendehe's profile
See Summer Lomendehe's profile
Dario LizarragaStaff WriterSee Dario Lizarraga's profile
See Dario Lizarraga's profile
Blynn BeltranStaff WriterSee Blynn Beltran's profile
See Blynn Beltran's profile
Max ConnorStaff WriterSee Max Connor's profile
See Max Connor's profile
John CabalesStaff WriterSee John Cabales's profile
See John Cabales's profile
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