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Third most expensive state weighs down students

Third most expensive state weighs down students

August 29, 2011

Many things are taken into consideration when you’re looking at the cost of living. Rent, food, gas, ...

Athletic department feels the budget cuts

Johny Garcia, Connection Staff

May 6, 2011

Playing basketball at Cosumnes River College, 19-year-old Orion Kidd has experienced the budget cuts first-hand. Kidd said one day he had a “weird feeling” about his ankle, and since he didn’t have an ankle brace at the time he wanted to get it wrapped with athletic tape just to be safe. “I went into the trainer’s...

Students in ESL courses at greater risk from cuts

Dorian Love, Connection Staff

May 6, 2011

When enrollment begins, students can often select from an array of classes. However, for students who are taking English as a Second Language many options are limited. California's economic slump has forced many state universities and community colleges to reduce their classes. Professor Sandra Carter, who teaches ESL, said...

Campus outreach program continues to hurt

Daniel Newport, Connection Staff

May 6, 2011

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, or EOP&S, has already been feeling the effects of the "all-cuts mentality" of the state of California. The EOP&S program, coordinated by Kathy F. Degn, is an academic support program that helps students "who have the potential to be successful but just need a little...

Vice President Yamamura: ‘we face unpleasant choices’

Branden Wiens, Connection Staff

May 6, 2011

As students prepare to wrap up the spring semester, the summer and fall semesters loom. Many students opt to take summer courses to quicken the transfer process and lighten their course load for the fall and spring. However, with the budget cuts seeming inevitable, administrators are forced to assess and determine the least...

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