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Pro/Con: Should NFL players kneel during the national anthem?

October 5, 2017

Pro: Kainoa Nunez Another year for football in America, and fans are always excited to see their fav...

PRO/CON: The con; what were they thinking?

Ashley Navarro, Features Editor

February 16, 2017

The day of the election, I woke up early to drop off my ballot. It was the first presidential election I was able to vote in. Despite not favoring either candidate nor the candidate of my party, the Libertarian party, I voted for who I thought would protect my basic human rights along with millions of others. That night I...

PRO/CON: The pro; hoping for the best is what we have to do

PRO/CON: The pro; hoping for the best is what we have to do

February 16, 2017

This is quite an interesting time that we live in. It seems as though Americans have come to the agreement...

Pro:Con should Black Friday be something we participate in?

Andrew Maestas and Andrew Flores

November 13, 2016

Pro: Andrew Maestas Black Friday is a theme park in a casino for all to place bets. Family and friends wait hours in a line to get on a roller coaster ride that lasts no more than a few minutes, giving excitement, a rush, the feeling of accomplishment. That is Black Friday, but in a casino where shoppers must decide where to s...

Split Decision: Will a higher minimum wage do more harm than good?

EJ Aguayo and Ashley Navarro

February 26, 2016

Pro: EJ Aguayo For many first-timers out in the job market, especially young adults, starting at minimum wage may not seem so bad. The plan is to move up a position or two, savor even the smallest pay raise and to eventually pursue better employment opportunities as that low wage was only supposed to be temporary, jus...

Split Decision: Should the United States take in Syrian refugees?

Matt Johnson and Quincie Pruitt

December 9, 2015

Pro: Matt Johnson When Paris was shaken by deadly terrorist attacks on Nov. 13, it left many Americans fearing for their own safety. In the days following the attacks, many states outright refused to accept Syrian refugees. The actions and emotions by a majority of the country speak to many things: A growing angst about a...

Split Decision: Do selfies have an impact on mental health?

Nichelle Heu and Kalaisha Totty

December 9, 2015

Pro: Nichelle Heu We all seem to be taking self-portraits when no one is looking. We’ve almost all been guilty of taking selfies. During my freshman year in high school, I was overweight and non-materialistic. I was bullied and body shamed by many of my classmates because of it. Being bullied didn’t stop me f...

Split Decision: “Black Friday” a great deal or risky business?

LeShea Munoz and Sean Pastrana

November 26, 2015

Pro: LeShea Munoz Gone are the days of the early 4 a.m. openings on what was appropriately deemed “Black Friday.” Stores are now opening on the evening of Thanksgiving or even earlier, just so that people can take advantage of the early bird specials or pre-Black Friday prices. Items are slashed significantly and ...

Clashing Sides: Should firing squads be allowed as a method of execution?

Scott Redmond and Johny Garcia

February 28, 2015

Pro: Scott Redmond Lining up death row inmates and putting a bullet in them is so cost effective, every state should follow Utah’s lead and adopt the policy right now. Millions upon millions of dollars are wasted on those that are sentenced to death. The numerous appeals, keeping them nice and safe in prison with three...

Split Decision: Should vaporizers and e-cigarettes face further regulation?

Bobby Bishop, Nick Valenzuela

October 7, 2014

PRO: Bobby Bishop Vaping is a lifestyle choice. It is a growing hobby and for some people it is a stress reliever. Smoking out of a vaporizer pen is a way of people getting the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful effects of cigarettes. Many people use vape pens to quit smoking cigarettes due to the fact you can put ...

Split Decision: Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision

Split Decision: Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision

August 24, 2014

CON: Heather Kemp Religious conservatives have once again thrown women’s rights to the wolves and us...

Split Decision: The tattoo and career debate rages on

Split Decision: The tattoo and career debate rages on

April 9, 2014

Pro: Rachel Norris Here we go again. The never-ending charade about how tattoos are tacky and do absolutel...

Split Decision: Should Hillary Clinton be the next president?

Amari Gaffney and Camille Caulk

October 17, 2013

PRO It's become increasingly apparent that with the evolution of American culture that the Republican Party is becoming nothing more than a facade to uphold the image of democracy. What would prove that point better than another Democrat in office? Hillary Clinton has my vote if she decides to run in the 2016 presidential election...

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