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California recognizes a third gender on official documents

Lola Chase, Staff Writer

January 11, 2018

The state of California passed legislation in October that recognizes a third gender on official identification documents. Residents who identify as nonbinary genders will no longer be obligated to designate themselves as either male or female on birth certificates and identification cards. “It really gives us a lot...

Students browse various university representatives at Transfer Day on Sept. 19.

Transfer Day offers students a chance to get their transfer questions answered

October 3, 2017

Transfer Day is an opportunity for students of all levels and majors to get a taste of their options...

Students stay longer than planned at community colleges

Lola Chase, Staff

November 16, 2016

Cosumnes River College is a two-year community college, but two years is a reality for few people. A 2012 study done on CRC showed that 7 percent of students graduated within that expected time frame, according to the College Navigator of National Center for Education Statistics. “I don’t think it is a two-year colle...

This election abandoned the millennial

Lola Chase, Staff

November 9, 2016

I feel cheated out of my passion to promote change and progress. I was meant to be a part of this big pivotal part of history, leading through the 2016 election, the part where we all stop being ignorant and look around and see that we’re hurting each other, and that we are the means to our own suffering, and once and fo...

Freshman goalie’s play earns player of the week

Lola Chase, Staff

October 29, 2016

For Elizabeth Kowalczyk, a lifetime of work has been rewarded. The freshman goalie’s road to the soccer fields at Cosumnes River College started at a young age. “15 years [ago]. I started when I was three. I always played with my little brother until my parents finally got me into little league, so I started playing...

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