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The Apple that won’t crack

Matt Johnson and EJ Aguayo

February 25, 2016

News of Apple’s non-compliance to the FBI’s court order to bypass encryption of an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters has caused an uproar, sparking arguments of privacy versus limitations of national security. The case reintroduced a growing debate: should personal privacy be sacrificed in order to satis...

Third parties use smart TV’s to invade our privacy

Jasmine Teng, Staff Writer

March 18, 2015

For those who have heard of Aldous Huxley and perhaps have read his most popular novel, Brave New World, the idea of the advancement in technology taking over society might sound familiar. Anyone who owns a Samsung Smart TV that features a voice command option may very well be living Huxley’s prediction. Samsung’s smart...

Hackers: doing more harm than good

Tim Taylor, Staff Writer

March 3, 2015

Technology has become so integrated into our modern world that as a result we rely on it on a daily basis just to accomplish the simplest of tasks, from completing homework or work on the job to even just making purchases. Unfortunately, that means that hackers have become an even bigger threat because of this. Hackers...

Opinion: Hero against the ‘big brother’ state

August 26, 2014

Edward Snowden has been framed as many things in the media in the last year since releasing classified...

Bills in California protect privacy of social media

Scott Redmond, Connection Staff

October 20, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly bill 1844 into law Sept. 27, which prevents employers from asking applicants for their social media information, according to a state press release. The bill, alongside the college focused Senate Bill 1349 that also passed, prohibits employers from requiring or requesting that an individual...

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