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Society’s addiction to technology not limited by age, could be dangerous, study finds

Nicole Goodie, Staff writer

February 28, 2015

Filed under Health, Issues, News

Students wandering around, completely oblivious to their surroundings because of smartphones is becoming a common sight on Cosumnes River College’s campus. The grounds are slowly resembling an episode of The Walking Dead. Lookout Mobile Security teamed up with Harris Interactive, one of the world’s leading market research...

Modern romance: Is technology a friend in your love life?

Zachary Hannigan, Connection Staff

February 7, 2012

Filed under Features

Cosumnes River College student Joseph Espinoza wakes up every morning to a text from his girlfriend, then rolls out of bed and checks his Facebook feed for any exciting news from his friends. The 18-year-old psychology major sees that his friend changed his relationship status to "in a relationship", and it’s accompanied...

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