Summer movie preview: comics, wizards, and Pooh.

With summer approaching, some of the most anticipated films of the year are being prepared for release, including sequels and numerous comic book adaptations.

A majority of films being released this summer are based on comic books.

Marvel Comics continues their “X-Men” series with prequel ‘First Class’ detailing the friendship and animosity between mutants Prof. Charles Xavier and Erik “Magneto” Lehnsherr and decades before the first film. First Class is dated for June 3.

In preparation for Marvel’s upcoming “The Avengers” crossover film in 2012, the last two characters to complete the heroic ensemble with both “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” are in queue.

After years of delays, Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” is now released to complete part three of ‘The Avengers’. With Chris Hemsworth in his first starring role, the exiled ‘Thor’ must redeem himself and assemble a team of other heroes before an ancient race terrorizes the Earth.

The forth and final Avengers character Captain America also gets his own film subtitled ‘The First Avenger’ on July 22. Taking place during World War II, protagonist Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) gets involved in a secret government super-soldier program that turns him into the patriotic superhero.

DC Comics also has a film adaptation for the Green Lantern arriving June 17 starring Ryan Reynolds. As Hal Jordan, he becomes the first human from Earth to be chosen as a member for the intergalactic Green Lantern force and must prove the guardians his worth.

Big budgeted sequels like Disney Pixar’s “Cars,” Warner Bros. “The Hangover,” and Paramount Picture’s “Kung Fu Panda” and reboots including Lionsgate’s “Conan the Barbarian” and Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh” are other major aspects of this year’s summer movies.

Johnny Depp reprises his popular role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a forth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie arriving May 20. ‘On Stranger Tides’ has Sparrow and love interest Angelica (played by Penelope Cruz) finding the Fountain of Youth before the legendary pirate Blackbeard gets to it first.


Michael Bay’s “Transformers” series is coming to a close with the third and final film ‘Dark of the Moon’ involving the final battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Another final conflict is looming for Harry Potter against the antagonistic Voldemort in the second part of the series’ final entry “The Deathly Hallows.”

There are also some original films on the horizon.

Controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier continues his experimental films with “Melancholia” set for release in May 26. Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg play as distant sisters trying to restore their relationship as well as deal with death before a large planet destroys the Earth.

Director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg team up for the science fiction film “Super 8” on June 10. Set in late 1970s Ohio, it details the events involving a town’s folk and the escape of a mysterious force.

“Iron Man” director Jon Favreau puts Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde to the wild west against extraterrestrials in “Cowboys vs. Aliens” aiming for July 29.

If you are going to watch some films this upcoming summer, these are great recommendations but these are just a small sample of what films are coming in the season.