Newly renovated cafeteria offers healthier food choices and relaxing environment


The newly renovated Cosumnes River College cafeteria, also known as the Rio Bistro is back and creating a lot of buzz among students.

When students were asked what changes they had noticed, the majority simply replied “the piano” but there is so much more going on.

Th Java City coffee house is back and conveniently located inside for those on the go students who may need a little pick-me-up.

The Rio Bistro also debuted a brand new menu giving students a greater variety in healthy food choices.

Students now see the cafeteria as  an ideal study location. Shearon Augustus a 20-year-old fashion major said, “It’s a nice quiet area, very peaceful.”

The newly painted walls and larger windows are also gaining some positive attention.

“It’s a lot bigger, there’s a greater variety of food, and the tables are a lot cleaner. It’s also brighter and has a more positive energy.” said Allison Chap, 19-year-old nursing major

Kenneth Thomas, 19-year-old heath care administration major, prefers the Bistro over other Los Rios schools.  “The atmosphere is pretty cool, better then Sac City.”

Although these changes have been embraced by many students,  there are still a few changes student would like to see. “I like the changes I just wish there were more outlets.” said Chap.

The higher prices on food and water are some things Jon Cnivear, a 47-year-old geography and environmental studies major, would like to see change. “They shouldn’t put a price on bottled water,  the food prices are a little too high so that could come down, it’s getting more expensive then McDonalds here.”

Kevin Onejeme, 19-year-old computer science, would like to see a lot more changes. “We should get a newer piano, and pay someone to play it that’s good, and buy big flat screen television sets. There should also be one section of the room full of game consuls with lounge chairs. And we should have karaoke and DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) days.”

Maybe if enough students get behind this Onejeme’s dream cafeteria could come true.

Student’s who have yet to stop by the Cafeteria should go test the piano, order a coffee, have a slice of pizza, relax and work in this new and inviting environment.