Online health magazine provides students with health and nutrition tips

The college experience comes with more than just long hours of studying and partying, unfortunately students face health concerns such as anxiety, fatigue, unhealthy nutrition or the ever-lasting cold. However, with Student Health 101 students can be prepared and better their knowledge of a variety of health concerns.

“Student Health 101 is a monthly health and wellness online magazine for our students and their families” said Cosumnes River College’s public information officer Kristie West.

The online newsletter is provided for colleges and universities across the country, but for each school it is customized to suit their personal program.

CRC has it’s own customized sections with the additional general articles, and is available to view at

“Articles will deal with a variety of subjects,” West said, “including finding balance, knowing what to expect from your professor and proper nutrition.”

Health 101’s format is very appealing for the average college student, with its blog like features and its ability to provide information with current facts students need.

“It allows any student to access health information with a click of a button, and it’s pretty dynamic,” CRC’s nurse Michelle Barkley said.

In addition, articles are written by students all over the country and are edited by their college’s health service members, and CRC students can participate as well by submitting their thoughts or articles on the online magazine.

With the online magazine being new to CRC, students are still becoming aware of its availability. Though, 21-year-old photography major Jazmine Green has yet to view Health 101 she has her reasons to start taking advantage.


“I’m concerned with the amount of smoking around me, my stress levels, and about where and how i can get a cheaper flu shot,” Green said.

Health 101 is tailored to focus on what is going on for students during that time of year.

For the first month basic survival tips are provided in the magazine to prepare students for their college experience and in the next months, more likely, there will be more information on the flu and how to prevent viruses said Barkley. Furthermore, in the may edition, it will  provide how to keep stress levels down due to finals.

Also, every month Health 101 provides information based on nutrition Barkley said.

Lori Martinez a 21-year-old architect major believes nutrition tips would be helpful because of the many temptations provided at CRC.

“You always eat a lot of junk food here,” said Martinez, “ soda, chips and candy are most of the options we have.”

CRC’s goal is to have students become educated from Student Health 101.

“We want them to be able to have more tools to reach for when dealing with life and their college career,” West said.

Barkley is looking for future sponsors in order to help keep Student Health 101 continue, especially if the amount of readership proves the magazine to be purposeful.

“I’d like to see health infused more into people’s mission,” said Barkley, “because without your health you can’t obtain your success.”