Google plus enters the social networking world

With the emergence of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google has launched a social network of its own in hopes of dominating the social media world.

Google Plus is the new face of social media. It allows users to communicate with others, share photos and use Google’s search engine all at the same time.

It also has new features including circles, hangouts and instant uploads.

Circles allow users to monitor content with certain groups. Friends, family and co-workers can have their separate circle.

Hangouts make it easier to communicate with friends through video chat. Whether at home or at school, users can carry on conversations with up to nine friends. Instant Uploads allow users to instantly share photos without the hassle of uploading them to the web.

Since Google Plus has only been around for a few months, it is slowly catching the eyes of new users.

“I never used Google Plus before,” said 26-year-old, Anthea Harris, a business administration major. “I just use regular Google.”
Students agreed that because Google Plus is relatively new, it is still unfamiliar to them.

“I have a Gmail account,” said 21-year-old, Sonia Khabena, a biology major.“I don’t have a Google Plus account, but I’ll look into it.”
Some students said they have visited Google Plus, but seldom use it.

“I have been on it before,” said Lisa Dimaculangan, 20, an undecided major.“It’s the same set-up as the other social networking sites because it has the same guidelines.”

Many students agreed it will take some time before they transition over to Google Plus.

“I don’t think I’ll switch over, yet” said 20-year-old, Andrew Dela Calzad, a communications major, who said he’ll stick with Facebook.
“Like any new social network you have to play around with it,” said Dimaculangan.