Facebook friends until you get deleted

A Tennessee couple was murdered after a woman was “defriended” on Facebook, according to an article on Reuters published on Feb. 9. There were other factors to consider, according to the article, but it wasn’t until after the woman was removed from the couple’s Facebook that there was a reaction.

The article went on to tell about a man who struck his wife for not liking a post of his and a woman who set a garage on fire after being “defriended.”

The examples paint a picture where Facebook plays an integral role in socialization.

Cosumnes River College students were asked how big of a role Facebook plays in their social lives, and half of those interviewed said that they did not like Facebook or did not have one.

Kyle Deutsch, a 19-year-old anthropology student, had the same thoughts shared with most of the students who were asked about using Facebook.

“I have it but I rarely use it,” Deutsch said. “Some people take it too seriously.”

Deutsch said that while it is useful, “it never feels as deep as being with your friends and talking to them.”

While Deutsch has been deleted by friends on Facebook before, he said that he was “a little sad,” but okay in the end.

Devin Munn, a 21-year-old computer science major, said that he doesn’t use Facebook often.

“It’s useful, but I’m not dependent,” Munn said

Munn expressed displeasure at being deleted by friends, but said that he also “defriends” people.

“I’ll unfriend someone if I don’t see them around,” Munn said. “It doesn’t really change anything.”

However, Tasha Sanders, a 22-year-old art major, had a more positive look at Facebook.

“It’s important for business and talking to old friends,” she said.

Sanders said that she uses Facebook for her photography, and wanted to stress that Facebook is “really important for business,” as it is her only way of advertising her photography.

Sanders has also been deleted by friends, but knew it was coming.

“I wasn’t angry,” she said. “It was inevitable. In the long run, people change and friendships move on.”

Sanders has mixed feelings on deleting people from her friends list.

“I feel like I have too many friends on Facebook and I want to delete some of them, but I feel bad,” she said