CRC artist draws on multiple subjects for inspiration

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With every stroke of a pen, Cosumnes River College student Afton Kern slowly creates works of art.The 21-year-old anthropology major uses her art to show a new or different perspective on age-old questions or debates.

“There is always something new to be found in art,” Kern said. “People become too fixated on copying other artists, why not rediscover something new in things like science, religion or patterns of nature?”

“Then you start realizing everything is connected, it’s really interesting,” she said.

Kern started her art at a very young age and said she doesn’t even remember when she first started drawing.

“It’s always been there for me,” she said. “My mom says when I was around 2 I started drawing all sorts of pictures.”

Although Kern’s art is inspired by studying many subjects, she puts an emphasis on science and religion.

“Those two are connected,” she said. “I feel like a lot of that stuff has been lost because they have been going on for so long.”

Kern’s art has been featured in student art shows and last year’s 75th edition of Imagine FX magazine.

“A lot of my art is looking at something and doing something no one has ever done,” she said.

Kern continues her studies at CRC and said she hopes her art can lead to a career.

“It would be nice to have a career, but who knows?” she said. “It’s something I will always enjoy.”

Kern’s art can be seen on her Facebook page at “Afton Kern art page” or at

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