The last piece of the Pie

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courtesy photo

The final installment of the popular “American Pie” movie franchise came to an end on April 6 when “American Reunion” was released into theaters, coming in second on the top box office with $21.5 million.

Jim, Michelle, Kevin, Stifler and the rest of the cast from “American Pie” reunite for a weekend in East Great Falls for their high school reunion. During their time back for the weekend, the gang see what each other has been up to since Jim and Michelle’s wedding. They observe who’s changed and who still acts like they’re in high school.

As expected from an “American Pie” sequel, “American Reunion” was filled with laughs, old jokes, nudity, perverted comments and drunk people at parties. Some old romantic feelings also come back between a few of the characters, making viewers wonder who will end up together.

Stifler brought many laughs with all the pranks he pulled and the perverted things he said. However, if the writers didn’t bring back “The Stifmeister”, the humor of the movie would’ve been disappointing. It’s sad to say, but he brought most of the best laughs in the movie.

The comedy in “American Reunion”  wasn’t what was expected of an “American Pie” movie. “American Reunion” delivered humor that has been played out in previous “American Pie” movies, and it felt like deja vu. It seems as though the writers of the movie relied too much on humor from the old movies, which made it seem unoriginal.

Most of the comedy in the movie came from nudity and sexual acts, which proves that the “American Pie” movies need to come to an end.

Bringing back most of the main cast to see where everyone was at in their lives seemed like a great idea. However, it seemed as though the writers really wanted another installment of the franchise which, made it seem like “American Reunion” was trying too hard to live up to the previous movies. According to Rotten Tomatoes, an online movie review site, critics gave “American Reunion” a 42 percent, while “American Pie” was given a 60 percent.

To see all of the main cast one last time was a great way to end the “American Pie” franchise. If there turns out to be more “American Pie” movies, I suspect that the opening box office numbers will go down and that the franchise will die out from all the repetition of jokes and pranks. The “American Pie” movies have gone stale, so let’s just finish it here.