‘Sinister’: bone-chilling scenes brings horror to a new height


Ethan Hawke attempts to defend himself against the mysteries of his new home.

Newly-released film “Sinister” provides viewers with a creepy, twisted yet comical movie that’s guaranteed to leave goosebumps on your skin.

From the moment the movie starts, viewers realize what they have gotten themselves into as a highly graphic and compelling opening scene leaves you with the first of many spine chills.

Ethan Hawke, most known for his roles in “Training Day” and “Before Sunset,” stars in this movie as a true-crime writer.

Hawke moves his family into a small-town house where a gruesome murder had taken place. He hopes to solve the mystery of the crime and write a top seller, something he hadn’t done in a while.

While cleaning the house and unpacking, Hawke stumbles upon a box of old super 8 film and this is where the film begins to pick up.

From here on, the film is filled with bone chilling scenes that have you wanting to look away while you nervously nibble on your popcorn.

Sinister was directed by Scott Derrickson, who directed notable horror films such as “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and “Hellraiser: Inferno.”

The imagery that Derrickson provides for the viewers is unbelievable. Some scenes were cringe-worthy, others were intriguing and enticing, and the rest were simply jaw-dropping.

The images in this movie will be burned in your head and have you thinking about them for days after seeing the film.

This provides a segue to the next point: the films rating.  Sinister is awarded a much deserved R rating, and is by no means suitable for children. The boundaries that Derrickson pushed in some scenes even had me, a 20-year-old, wondering if I should even be watching.

In addition to the gruesome and sometimes terrifying scenes, Derrickson did a great job of adding comedy and drama to Hawke’s life, causing viewers to dive deeper into the plot and develop a relationship with Hawke’s character. You feel his pain, anger and happiness throughout the film, and find yourself rooting for his success.

Although there are a few scenes that will cause you to jump out of your seat, this film is not your typical jump scare movie.  “Sinister” builds up anticipation, plays with your mind and torments you before it attacks.

Though not perfect, Sinister does have a couple cheesy scenes that have viewers saying, “Come on now, you expect me to believe that?”  For instance, in one particular scene, a face on a computer screen came to life and moved, however it didn’t really have an effect on the film’s overall feel, and Derrickson would have been perfectly fine leaving it out.

Despite that, Sinister is one of the best horror movies to come out in recent history, and is well worth the money.

If you’re looking for a scare with Halloween right around the corner, Sinister, which I give four out of five stars, is the movie to see.