“Five Guys” delivers promising customer and food service

Talks about “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” is not just roaming through the streets but also in magazines too. Ratings and quotes from GQ Magazines to Washington Magazine displays on the wall around the restaurant.So what’s all the hype about?The commonly known quick fix for hunger is the drive-thru or delivery, but if a fresh burger that’s made right in front of you sounds more desirable, then “Five Guys” could be the place for you. It’s definitely worth the wait.

What makes this burger joint more enjoyable to the customer’s eye is the creation of a burger, however a customer wants it.

The juicy burgers available have four choices in two sizes at a starting price of $5.49. Regular hamburgers have two patties and “little” hamburgers have one patty. But if your stomach is up to it, you can add up to five patties between your bun with the cost of $1.79 for extra patty all at a reasonable price.

Whether you have chosen one or five patties, customers can hold the expectation of 100 percent beef with no fillers or preservatives against “Five Guys.”

Toppings are free with anything you want on it. Customize your food with additional toppings like jalapeno peppers, green peppers, BBQ sauce, hot sauce and steak sauce if you want to add a little spice to your food.

The simple cheeseburger along with the traditional toppings and drink alone will just satisfy you by itself.

Not only are the burgers nice and organized the way you want it, but the juiciness of the burger is so right that you’re tempted to take another bite.

Not in the mood for a hamburger? That’s okay.The restaurant offers  different types of hot dogs or a healthy veggie sandwiches, which are suitable for any lacto-vegetarians.

Supersizing an order is not particularly necessary, the regular sized crisp potato cut fries or the Cajun fries prepare, for example, are enough for two people.

Apart from the meal, the experience is quite nice. A greeting with a smile and available help on deciding which meal is the most satisfying, are common acts delivered.
Peanuts are even displayed to munch on while listening out for your number to be called.

For entertainment, customers can draw pictures on cards and pin them up on a displayed board.

Located off of Laguna Springs Drive, Five Guys expresses a clean, fun and friendly environment where you can bring your family and friends and enjoy yourself while eating a tasty meal.

But don’t just take my word for it, grab your friends and family members and order yourself a juicy burger and see what people are talking about.