Spring semester starts with high hopes for students


Stephan Starnes

Kalia Vang, a 20-year-old nursing major, studies outside of the Learning Resource Center.

The end of the holiday season means it is time to pack up the holiday decorations for another year, signaling students to start unpacking their school supplies.

The spring semester at Cosumnes River College began Jan. 19, however most students didn’t attend their first class until Jan. 22 because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The beginning of the semester brought with it mixed reactions from students, though many have a positive attitude and are excited to see what the coming semester will bring.

“It’s good to be back to school,” said Regine Rabara, 19, an emergency medical technician major.

Many students have high expectations of themselves this semester and believe that studying is the key to ensuring good grades in their classes.

“I’m aiming for a good grade,” Rabara said. She only has two classes and strives for an “A in both.”

Rabara is confident in her ability to pass her classes this semester due to her past experiences.

“It’s kinda easy,” Rabara said of her medical language class. “I have a background with medical terms.”

Six out of eight students interviewed plan to change their study habits in one way or another this semester.

While some will strive to put more time and effort into their studies, others are finding that it will be a balancing act between school and work.

“My habits will definitely change,” said Eric Clark, a 23-year-old sociology major. “I’ll have to prioritize because I work full time.”

Clark has returned to college after spending a year enlisted in the Navy and is currently enrolled in 12 units at CRC.

Some students, such as Angel Martinez, 18, an undeclared major, plan to “try harder and focus more” on their school work.

The majority of students interviewed feel very positive about the spring semester, with a sunny outlook and a feeling of excitement about the coming session.

“My teachers seem good so far,” said Sophia Yang, a 19-year-old design major. “It’s exciting for me. I’m taking fun classes.”

With the new semester brings new students to the CRC campus. Ubaldo Guzam, 18, a film major, is one such student.

“I like it,” Guzman said about the semester. He said the teachers are “more straightforward” about their curriculum and expectations of the students.

Another first time college student is Aaron Metcalf, a 33-year-old psychology major. He also plans to change his study habits this semester in preparation of taking collegiate course “first by attending school” he said.

Metcalf said he also plans to “learn to use the computer and apply what I’m learning now.”

“I’m trying to get things straight so I can focus on my goals,” Metcalf said.