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Hookah bar provides friendly staff and variety of flavors for Sacramento night life


Relaxing atmosphere, great service and affordable hookah are now just a stone’s throw away from Cosumnes River College, at the new Hookaholics hookah bar at Bruceville road and W Stockton Boulevard.

Students who enjoy hookah will certainly want to try the new Hookaholics, which brings a convenient opportunity for a fun night with friends to the CRC area. The hookah bar is reasonably priced, has a great selection of flavors and offers a warm, welcoming environment that is conducive to a fun evening for the hookah enthusiast.

Hookah, for those who aren’t acquainted with the substance, is a tobacco, sugar and honey based product consumed with the use of a water pipe. Much like other tobacco products, it can be potentially harmful to the user’s health, but like other tobacco products, or even alcohol, it can be enjoyable in moderation.

The location is great, especially for hookah lovers like myself who may be used to going as far as Rancho Cordova for service that isn’t as good. It was actually a huge factor for owner and operator Halia Khaliki when she and her husband, Wasim Ahmadi, opened the first Hookaholics hookah bar on Center Parkway.

“At first we were just checking the waters to see if Elk Grove was into the Hookah business, because I know that when me and my husband wanted to get hookah we had to travel all the way to Sacramento,” Khaliki said. “There wasn’t much of a nightlife in Elk Grove, so we opened with something small and fortunately it was an instant success.”

On entering the Hookah bar, the lighting, beautiful artwork, comfortably furnished booths and catchy music culminate to create a very inviting, laid-back atmosphere. There’s also a large dance floor and as the night carries on and the hookah lounge begins to fill up, the mood picks up with a house DJ and even a belly-dancer, though the music can be repetitive at times.

There are many hookah flavors, with a great selection of both minty and fruity. These include flavors such as Guava, Mint Mojito, Strawberry Kiwi and Pina Colada. Those that I tasted were quite delicious.

On most nights the price for one hookah between three people is $15  and a refill is $5.There is a $10 cover charge for each patron on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but that’s a good deal when going out with a group of friends. There are also different discounts each night.

The service is also great. The staff are friendly and quick to provide assistance or replace coals in each hookah. They also give great advice in choosing flavors. However, patrons should be aware that hats are not allowed at the establishment, and will be reminded to leave them in the car.

Like bars that serve alcohol, Hookaholics does serve products that can be bad for the user’s health. Those that don’t want to use tobacco aren’t left out, however. Hookaholics will soon offer a tobacco free, tea-leaf based hookah product. As it is now, those who don’t enjoy Hookah may find themselves a bit out of place in Hookaholics, at times.

“We’re introducing a new line that’s going to be made out of tea-leaves,” Khaliki said. “So it’s going to be more natural, and there’s going to be no nicotine or tar. It caters to people who don’t want to smoke but want to relax and enjoy the environment.”

Hookaholics is a great place for the college student to enjoy nightlife and good hookah. I give it four out of five stars for the Hookah enthusiast.

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Hookah bar provides friendly staff and variety of flavors for Sacramento night life