It’s ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ for long running series


Much like Bruce Willis’ acting career, the “Die Hard” movie series just keeps coming back.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” is the fifth installment of a series that began in 1988 and is directed by John Moore, who is most known for the 2001 film “Behind Enemy Lines.”

I’ve never seen any of the “Die Hard” movies and after watching this one, I’m glad I haven’t.

Willis stars as John McClane, a cop with a rugged edge that’s not afraid to do some dirty work. In an attempt to find his son Jack, played by Jai Courtney, John ventures into Moscow, Russia.

When John runs into his son, he soon realizes that Jack is a spy for the CIA and is on a covert mission. Much like any father, John attempts to help his son and the action begins.

Unlike most action-adventure movies, this is where the movie takes a turn for the worst.

Every single action scene is filmed with that shaky camera junk, the one that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re in the action but ends up just leaving you with a headache.

Much like any other cheesy action movie, every bad guy is a surprisingly terrible shot and the good guys seamlessly outrun the bullets fired by even the biggest of guns.

The majority of Willis’ dialogue throughout the film consists of lame one-liners that only the most die hard of fans would laugh at. During almost every gunfight in the movie Willis yells out, “Hey, I’m on vacation!”

To make matters worse, Moore tries to play up this father-son bonding throughout the movie, but by the time the credits roll,you have no feelings towards either character and are left slightly nauseous.

However, Moore does provide viewers with a twist that many won’t see coming that livens the film up a bit.

The only problem is that Moore follows this twist up with a climax that is incredibly hard to believe. I didn’t know if I was watching Bruce Willis or Iron Man.

Despite the completely inane plot line, “A Good Day to Die Hard” does provide some pretty cool special effects and sounds for the viewers.

While those are sure to please kids and adults alike, this film is rated R and is filled with foul language and graphic violence. So if you have a love affair with Mr. Willis, make sure to leave your kids at home.

Unless you are a longtime fan of the series or the ageless wonder that is Bruce Willis, this film is not worth the $10.50 you’ll pay at the door. Take my advice: wait for it to show up on your Netflix queue.