Local bar and grill boasts good food and atmosphere

Amari Gaffney, Staff Writer

About 10 minutes away from campus there is a little honeycomb hideout with good food and excellent service.

Located on Sheldon Road and Elk Grove Blvd, the Sheldon Bar and Grill provides students with an easy “food away” in a quiet area.

When you first walk in there is a presidential style podium with a more than friendly hostess waiting to greet you. I waited no more than two minutes to be seated but had chosen to sit at the bar instead.

Since I’m more of a meat and potatoes type of guy, naturally I ordered the house buffalo wings with a side of fries and house ranch.

As you sit up at the bar you get to enjoy the game, as with any good bar, while the faint whisper of mainstream music plays in the background.

It took about 10 to 15 minutes for my food to arrive, though I didn’t even notice the time because the bartender was more than engaging.

When my food arrived it came out piping hot but ready for consumption.

I definitely recommend that you head on over to the Sheldon Bar and Grill.”

The wings had a very nice texture, lightly breaded with the sauce not being too thick but definitely not watery. It didn’t take long for me to chow down and finish those. The fries were lightly seasoned to perfection, giving the shape and composition of fries from McDonalds without any of the regret.

As a huge ranch fan, like I’m sure most of us are, I found the ranch to be decent, not super creamy but full of a nice zesty flavor.

The Sprite I ordered was probably the strongest Sprite I have ever encountered, which is a good thing because if I wanted flat Sprite, I would have just ordered a Smirnoff Ice.

All in all if you have at least 10 bucks and a few minutes in between classes, or maybe even after, I definitely recommend that you head on over to the Sheldon Bar and Grill.