For season two, Netflix builds an even bigger ‘House of Cards’

With the tagline “hunt or be hunted” followed by a sinister sounding “welcome back” spoken by the cutthroat and powerful Frank Underwood to end the first episode, it is indeed a very hearty welcome back for a second season to Netflix’s original series “House of Cards.”

When the series left off, Frank (Kevin Spacey) was preparing for the conformation to become vice president. At the same time his wife, Claire, (Robin Wright) was seeking to deal with a lawsuit against her from a former employee and the possibility of conceiving a child.

Intrepid reporter, as well as former lover and confidant to Frank, Zoe Barnes (Kata Mara) and her fellow reporters were hot on the trail of some proof of shady dealings that Underwood was part of.

“House of Cards” doesn’t miss a beat; the second season dives right back into all these matters and begins to weave an even more deadly and intricate web than the first season, topping it all off with the biggest shocker right in the first episode.

Part of the appeal to the growing number of original series’ from Netflix is the ability to binge watch and finish a season of a show, or even an entire run, in quick order.

The biggest appeal of this new era though, is that with Netflix, there isn’t the eternal chase for ratings that happens on network and cable that condemns many shows to the void of cancellation. There is money and such coming in of course, meaning that the shows have to hit some popularity with the audience, but the show is not a slave to the ratings.

What this means is that they can attempt daring and shocking things, not just to get high ratings, but because the story calls for it. With many programs on television, it starts to feel like the stories are easily predictable as plots fall neatly into a familiar pattern.

Director and creative force behind the series David Fincher, did not shy away from taking a gamble to tell the story he wanted as the second season starts off almost par for the course from season one, but by the end of the first episode it all comes crashing down and nothing is taken for granted going forward.

While the format of the series continues to bring it mass appeal, and the story helps solidify why it is so widely appealing and loved, it is the actors that bring these nuanced and full human beings to life.

Frank, Claire, Zoe and all the rest are not just stock characters put into interesting plots. They are dynamic and driven, and in the case of the Underwoods, cutthroat and pure hunters.

Spacey continues to stand and deliver when it comes to playing the evil man you love to hate in Underwood, but Wright is no slouch as she rightfully stands shoulder to shoulder with Spacey when it comes to bearing the weight of this show.

 There are so many twists, turns, plots, revelations, secrets and moments that just leave you wondering what more could happen that it’s easy to wish that the announced third season was already here.

 As the world of television has waited for this all to come crashing down on the heads of Netflix and all involved, season two proves they’ll be waiting for a very long time.

 The house of cards that Netflix built is back, better and stronger than ever.

 Welcome back “House of Cards” and let the hunt begin.