Does size matter?

Does size matter?

She Said

It’s no secret that women like big things. Big diamonds, big heels, big bank accounts, and big baby makers?

We aren’t so superficial that most of us won’t date or marry a guy with a big member, but chances are we won’t be complaining if it’s more than satisfying.

In a survey done by Cosmopolitan magazine, 52 percent of all men said they want a bigger penis, and 30 percent of men said it would be just to make themselves feel better, while the other 22 percent said it would primarily be to better satisfy their partner.

But having a big package doesn’t necessarily mean good sex. In fact, some of the best sex comes from the guys who are innovative enough to make up for the lack of size of their members.

Length isn’t necessarily the most important factor either. In the porn world, length is usually celebrated over girth, however most women find it to be uncomfortable and painful with anything bigger than seven inches.

Yes, there are a lot of factors that go into whether or not the penis is satisfying to a man’s partner, such as the way he uses it, the depth of the vaginal cavity and of course the size of it, but sometimes the best sex comes from the passion of the person that it’s attached to.

When you are emotionally attached to your partner and there is natural chemistry between the pair of you, sometimes that offers more stimulation than just the penis size alone.

Also remember that not all women are the same. There is a ton of variability when it comes to what we prefer in bed, and it’s not a huge member every time.

Stuart Brody, a study researcher and a psychologist at the University of the West of Scotland, ran a study that found that 34 percent of women preferred longer-than-average penises, 60 percent said size made no difference and six percent said longer was less pleasurable than shorter, according to an article from the Huffington Post.

Women are not as shallow as men may think they are. Large penises are usually less preferable when it comes to satisfaction in the bedroom.

While some women agree that bigger is better, it’s not what most women agree with. So guys, stop stressing over what you’re packing in your pants.

It’s not always the size of ship, but the motion of the ocean that keeps us women satisfied.


He Said

When it comes to media, the answer to the question above seems to be yes.

When it comes to relationships, the size of your partner in many cases seems to be of great importance.

To be frank, most times it is focused on certain areas of the anatomy. This means the penis in the case of males and breasts for females.

Common myth has suggested that the size of what a man is packing in his pants, and what a woman is carrying upon her chest is very important to potential mates. Bigger is better is what most say.

A study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science showed that when Australian women were presented with a group of computer-generated images of male models of differing body types and heights, all with flaccid penises, the size of a man’s penis had just as much influence on attractiveness as his height.

Porn is full of buxom women who, at times, could put your eye out if they were to bounce, further instilling this myth that men only want women with big breasts, because those are the women that the entertainment industry show as getting the men.

Size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t. A woman with an A-cup or a D-cup size is no less or more attractive than the other just based on their breasts. A man with a three-inch penis is no less capable than a man that has a seven-inch penis.

All that matters is that you care about the person, and in the case of the penis, that a man knows how to please his lover.

The same goes for size in other categories. The size of their wallet, height, feet, eyes and whatever else people might judge on size wise.

You might find a certain size or lack of size not as attractive, and that is only fair. But the idea that things must be big for them to matter is ludicrous.

 Ignore the porn and the movies you see, look at the person for more than their endowments.

In the end, no one should feel shame because they aren’t readily packing to star in a porno right now. Besides, do you really want to be walking around with porno-sized equipment?