CRC wraps up semester with student dance showcase

Dance students enthusiastically perform at the end of the semester dance showcase in CRC’s Recital Hall on May 10.

The end of the semester dance showcase in Cosumnes River College’s Recital Hall, an event that promoted the artistry and athleticism of some of CRC’s dance and theater majoring students, was held on May 9 and 10.

Students participated in urban hip-hop, ballet, jazz and modern dance numbers, as the crowd cheered them on. The showcase consisted of two acts with over 20 numbers, which were all choreographed by the students who performed.

Adreanna Porter, a 23-year-old undeclared major who participated, said that she favors a blended style of choreography.

“I like modern dance and hip-hop,” Porter said. “Modern is actually my favorite because it is a lot less strict and [I like] hip-hop because there are so many places you can go with it.”

Porter gave credit to a high school friend, Kayla Hubbard, and said had it not been for her encouragement she would not have pursued dance at all.

“Kayla and I like to collab on routines, let me give a little shout out to her,” Porter said.

Porter was seen throughout the evening in several performances with different dance styles, as she raced on and off stage for wardrobe change in preparation for the next piece.

It was clear that the students put time and effort into each performance, as they showcased their talent in many areas of dance.

Saravonne Cooper, an 18-year-old dance major, gave credit to the three adjunct Kinesiology and Athletics professors, Michelle Green-Clark, Rebecca Henning and Joan Tierney, who all took on the dance team this year, creating some of the best dance routines ever seen at CRC, Cooper said.

“We all did a great job, but it would have not been possible without them,” Cooper said.

CRC offers many different dance courses, in which the student can receive credit for up to two units. Some of the benefits of taking dance classes range from learning history and movement vocabulary, to simply making new friends.

Joshua Johnson, a 21-year-old music major, said that he loves the unity that comes along with the dance classes.

“It’s just a fun activity that gets you going,” Johnson said. “You just start to come out of your shell, just meeting new people and learning from one another, it just feels great.”

Johnson said his biggest inspiration to dance was his younger brother, who actually saved him in a dance battle during his high school years.

“Man, my little brother had to save me one time in a b-boy battle with some kids I went to high school with,” Johnson said. “If it wasn’t for him, I would have lost.”

The performance concluded with a number titled, “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody,” in which the entire class performed.

“We are just pleased with the turnout for both days, as well as the students who participated,” Green-Clark said. “All of their hard work and dedication made this performance so fabulous, as well as the support from the parents, faculty and friends.”