Are soulmates fantasy or reality?

Are soulmates fantasy or reality?

She Said

If you believe in love, then you believe in soulmates. You are some time in your life going to meet someone who completely changes your world. A soulmate is that person.

Some may argue that soulmates are something only found in story books, but when you truly understand what a soulmate is they become something more real than any romance story you read or any romance movie you watch.

Soulmates, according to Greek mythology, were humans that were created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. However fearing their power, Zeus had split them into two separate parts; condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

There is someone for everyone and when you find yourself falling in love, you’ll know. That person becomes something more. That someone’s touch or kiss or words just mean more.

Out of everyone you meet, whether it be seven people or seven billion people there is always and will always be that “one” person for you that you will love more than anyone else. Your soulmate is your best friend. Someone who you have connected with on a level that no one else can reach. And it’s not just a physical connection but a mental, emotional and sometimes spiritual connection as well.

Will every girl or guy you meet be “the one?” Of course not. You may have to kiss a few frogs before you get to your prince but ultimately when you meet your soulmate, it’s someone who came into your life at the most unexpected yet most perfect time.

The theory that soulmates are perfect for each other is most definitely possible. When two individuals come together, it’s normal to find that you have a lot in common with that other person and that might be the perfect match for you.

But sometimes soulmates don’t have to be perfect for each other, because who really wants perfection? Soulmates themselves are perfectly imperfect. They can be completely opposite yet be so right for each other.

You see the thing about opposites attraction is that, that person is everything that you’re not. They think differently from your own mind which makes the attraction stronger because not only are you caring deeply for each other, you’re learning from each other as well. They are what you are not, your other half. They ultimately make you whole.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can meet your soulmate at anytime in your life. You can never be too old or too young to fall in love. Because just like my high school teacher said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50, if you go to sleep thinking about someone and wake up thinking about that same person. That’s some type of love.”

Soulmates are not a fantasy or a fiction, where there is love there is soulmates. And love is just as real as you and me.

He Said

There is one person that is wandering the Earth who you are destined to meet and fall in love with because they are your other half, perfectly created to match you in every way and spend your life with. A so called soulmate.

The notion that there is one perfect person for you is nothing but a fantasy. An idea better suited for the cliche plots of romance movies and novels than real life.

First off, there is no such thing as perfect. There will always be things that a couple don’t agree on or don’t match up in a way.

Second of all, to find one person in all the world is really bad statistics wise.

Instead, there are numerous people that will match you and could be the one, or whatever you want to call it. That is why we as a society date people, to test out and see which of these people are the best at matching up to us.

A person can find someone that they feel is worth hanging onto for life. Whether you’re matched or complete opposites, there still is love even without the notion of soulmates.

The idea that there is a perfect match out there wandering around just hoping to run into you is slightly ridiculous. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, the chance of a soulmate just being one of the thousands or millions in your city or area are slim.

Movies and books prey on this desire to find that one perfect person, as a way to make people feel like their love lives are stalled or bad because they haven’t found that one person.

They haven’t walked into a doughnut shop, touched hands with a person also trying to grab the same bagel as them and begun a whirlwind romance. They haven’t come to a new school and locked eyes with that good looking person across the way that slowly gets to know them until they fall deeply in love, only for the third act obstacle to come in and break them up for a short bit before they realize they truly were meant to be.

I went to high school, none of that sort of thing ever happened. I’ve had moments like accidently cutting someone off walking or grabbing for the same thing, and we laugh about it or such and move on. No super sparks and suddenly we’re walking down the aisle.

Maybe I’m just missing those sparks, or maybe they are just people that you run into in life.

They might be a person that ends up being someone you want to spend more time or life with after getting to know them more.

If there is belief in a higher power making a match for you, the good money would be on them being benevolent enough to make sure there are numerous people that would match you in different ways, just in case you don’t run across that one person living in Brazil that was your so called perfect match.

Life isn’t like the movies. There are people out there for everyone, there has to be someone you could get with when there are 7 billion of us.

It’s just about finding those people and seeing if it works. Not waiting on some mythical soulmate.