Virginity: Is it a big deal or not?

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Virginity: Is it a big deal or not?

She Said:

Awkward sex talks with your parents, complicated love lives, sexually active friends and the pressure to give into temptations; this all comes with the territory of trying to journey through the tricky world of virginity.

Sex has always been a sensitive topic for, well, everyone. However, when talking about sex, people tend to forget how it all began. With your virginity.

Some people wait to find that significant person to take their virginity, and some people are just desperately trying to lose it.

But when people have sex does the question: “Are you a virgin?” even come to mind? I don’t think so.

But what people should understand is that question is extremely important. It should be asked before you have sex.

Some people are just so willing to lose their virginity that they throw it at whoever is willing to take it. But what’s the rush? What’s the difference in losing your virginity when you’re in high school or when you’re in college? There’s none.

So why waste such a precious feature on someone who isn’t even worth your time?

Virginity, whether you have lost it or not, is a big deal. Huge even.

Respect your body, and take your virginity seriously.

Your virginity is like your crown, don’t take it off and give up your crown unless someone is worthy of it.


He Said:

Sex and marriage are not exclusive to one another.

In fact, they have more of an open relationship than anything else.

That means you don’t have to wait till marriage to have sex, and really why should anyone wait?

Sex is fun. Simple as that.

You don’t buy a car without checking it all out and making sure everything works, so why would you choose a partner who you’re not sure is sexually compatible with you?

Sure, that may be a crude reference in some ways, but it’s accurate in others.

That’s not saying that sex is the most important part of any relationship, but honestly it’s pretty important. Bad sex has been the breaking point for many relationships.

We’re told to treasure our virginity because it’s something special you can only lose once and that it makes a person pure.

However, it is not the 1950’s anymore, most people have sex before marriage and it does not make them impure sinners or whores.

In fact pre-marital sex is just as practical of an idea as testing out moving in with a partner before getting married, to make sure you’re compatible.

While you don’t have to hold onto your virginity with an iron grip any longer, make sure to be smart and safe with partner choices. Do not use losing your virginity as an excuse to sleep with anything that moves.

Virginity is fleeting, STD’s not so much.


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