Art gallery’s second showing displays new work from faculty


Ceejay Willis

Guests were able to wander the gallery and gaze at each of the new pieces. One of the bigger pieces titled “Conversion” was brought in by CRC Adjunct Professor Marcelle Wiggins.

Art is a universal expression and at Cosumnes River College’s second showing in the art gallery, it put the spotlight on some of the best artworks of CRC’s art faculty.

The exhibition showcased artwork from several of CRC’s current and past art faculty whose artwork was previously shown in the opening of the gallery and in the gallery’s first showing, which was properly titled “Renaissance.”

“Renaissance basically means the rebirth,” Taylor said. “It’s a rebirth of our CRC art department, because we never had this gallery in this kind of capacity. This is pretty exciting.”

The gallery had a calming ambience with walls and gray floors in a well-lit room. As guests arrived, they signed a guest book and enjoyed the art.

As guests wandered around, they had the chance to see a variety of artwork from paintings to sculptures. The second showcase featured eight new pieces.

Students like Queens Mar, a 25-year-old computer science major, saw some differences from the first showing.

“The ambience was about the same but some of the wall pieces changed and some of the sculptures on the floor changed,”Mar said.

The exhibit showed both 2D and 3D artworks. Since this is the second showing a lot of new artwork was added. This time around you will be able to see 12 ceramic sculptures and paintings, six framed pictures, two plexi-glass aluminum and two under-glaze artworks.

The first and second showing were strictly artwork from professors here at CRC however there are plans for the future that students will be able to showcase their artwork as well.

“If we have students artwork displayed it will encourage more art students,” said Rocky Magana, a 27-year-old art major. “Hopefully students will be able to sell their work.”

Taylor is willing to put high caliber work from students in the Los Rios Community College District at this art gallery.

“Some of the students do deserve to have their work shown here,” Taylor said. “We are going to go in the way of competition because a competitive way of getting into the exhibition which is, as a professional artist, the best way to get into the galleries.”