Anthropology department holds annual celebration for Darwin

Faculty and students alike came together as the anthropology department held their annual birthday celebration on Feb. 11 for the man that fathered the idea of evolution through natural selection, Charles Darwin.

Darwin is known for formulating his ideas based on his findings in the Galapagos Islands, off the western coast of South America.  He logged his observations and published his ideas in the scientific book “On the Origin of Species.”

“Give him some props [for] being able to see the world in a different perspective when there was no much acceptance of things,” anthropology Professor Amanda Paskey said.

While Darwin’s ideas might not have been accepted in his own time, the anthropology department embraces them wholeheartedly during their celebration in his honor.

“I think him discovering and publicizing the idea of natural selection has really formulated our understanding of how evolutions works” professor Shannon Mills said. “Had he not published the ‘Origin of Species’ we would fundamentally look at things a lot differently.”

The Anthropology Lab, located in LRC 103, was decorated with earth tone colored balloons, memes stating that Darwin invented “The Hunger Games” and even cakes designed with Darwinist insignias on top. Participants in the days festivities were quizzed with random Darwin facts.

Bonnie Reynolds, 42, an ethnic studies major at CRC said she took an anthropology class last semester and the subject struck a chord. Reynolds said she felt compelled to participate in the festivities.

“I love history,” Reynolds said. “And Darwin is a big changing point in history.”

While the theme of the party might have centered on celebrating the ideas and life of one man, Mills said that the true theme of the event was to celebrate each other.

“We do it because we really like to get people together,” Mills said.