There’s nothing odd at all about CBS’s new comedy


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Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon bring the lovable jerk and slob Oscar Madison and uptight neat freak Felix Unger to life in CBS’ revival of “The Odd Couple.”

While I’m quite knowledgeable about pop culture past and present, I’ve never seen any episodes of the classic 1970’s sitcom “The Odd Couple” nor the play it was based off of.

The basic premise is something I know though two polar opposite roommates butting heads leading to hilarity.

So when it was announced that CBS was remaking the show with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon in the lead roles of Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, it was an easy sell.

While Perry has had a hard time finding TV projects that will stay afloat since his days on “Friends,” his comedic timing and chops remain very much as they were back then. Which is a good news as his portrayal of Chandler was one of the best on that series.

Since “Friends,” most of his characters have been on the lovable jerk side of the equation rather than the lovable goofball, and Oscar is very much the lovable jerk.

Lennon on the other hand has had a variety of  roles and guest spots since his most famous role on “Reno 911,” including producing and directing many projects such as the highly popular Comedy Central show “@Midnight.”

His portrayal as Felix is very believable, as he’s played characters similarly neurotic in the past and nails it once again.

And though she’ll be missed on the cult favorite “Community,” Yvette Nicole Brown fits in perfectly as Oscar’s sassy and exasperated assistant.

Wendell Pierce, formerly of “The Michael J. Fox Show,” and Lindsay Sloane, who has mostly had minor  roles on TV since her time on “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” round out the main cast quite well.

Perry, Lennon and the rest of the cast are quite funny but the show does have its faults. The jokes can be predictable and the studio audience can be annoying at times.

That being said, the show is quite funny still. Too many times critics are looking for all shows to be something new and different, to push the boundaries of their respective genre.

Not all shows have to be completely original to be entertaining. “The Odd Couple” is like comfort food, it just feels good to watch.

It hits all the right notes like comedies before it while not pretending to be something edgy or hipster. It owns what it is.

There is nothing worse than a show or film that is too pretentious and tries to be more than it is. This could be Perry’s first shot at a long running gig since “Friends,” as long as the show remains true to itself.

“The Odd Couple” airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m on CBS following “The Big Bang Theory,” and episodes can also be watched through Amazon Instant Video.