Will Smith shines in ‘Focus’ but co-star steals the show


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Will Smith and Margot Robbie co-star as con artists in the new Warner Bros. film “Focus.”

After the flop of 2013’s “After Earth,” Will Smith has redeemed himself with his portrayal of the ever so suave Nicky in his newest film venture “Focus.”

“Focus,” directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficcara, follows the enticing lifestyle of Nicky, also called Mellow, as he makes a living by being a big-time con man. Nicky’s newest challenge is to turn the beautiful and full-of-potential Jess, played by Margot Robbie, from a novice to a hustling connoisseur.

It doesn’t take long for the two to become romantically involved, but because of their elaborate lifestyles, complications arise.

While Smith, being more of a well established actor, was expected to naturally steal the spotlight within the film, it is Robbie who stole focus within “Focus.” Robbie made her star debut in 2013’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” and is poised to become the new it-girl of 2015.

The film involves several sub plots and throws audiences several curve balls with a plot-twist ending, keeping viewers  constantly on their toes.

The cast is rounded out by several other comedic characters portrayed by B.D Wong (“Law & Order: SVU) and Adrian Martinez (“Piranha”), while Rodrigo Santoro (“300”) appears as the film’s antagonist Garriga.

“Focus” is more successful than “After Earth” in more ways than just the quality of film, as it is poised to be more financially successful as well. “Focus” pulled in nearly $19 million on it’s Feb. 17 opening weekend and as of March 18 has grossed $45 million, which puts it just $5 million shy of breaking even with its $50 million budget, according to the Internet Movie Database.

“Focus” puts a refreshing twist on the romantic crime & drama movie that has been done and re-done time and time again. The film itself has consistent elements of comedy, romance and thrilling crime and drama but its most impressive element by far is its unpredictability and ability to throw viewers for a loop while still keeping a charming undertone.

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