Cash strapped students look for ways to spend thier spring break

Spring Break is around the corner and for college students across the nation it is time for students to travel to places like Cancun or Florida for beaches, drinking and relaxation. For most students though the reality of Spring Break is finding ways to enjoy the time off closer to home.

College itself is expensive, sapping most students disposable cash, but there are other barriers to travelling for many students. As many already know gas prices have been on the rise this last month, already passing $2.97 in most gas stations according to Gas Buddy, a website that shows gas prices depending on where you live.

Knowing that the gas prices are up, students may have other plans to enjoy their spring break.

“I’m going to visit my family,” said Rosio Barba, 20, a diagnostic medical major.

Besides the costs of travel, Monika Villa, 19, a biology major said there might be other reasons students aren’t planning to do something over break.

“They could be tired,” Villa said. “A lot of the time they are probably doing nothing.”

Villa said that she will work and volunteer most of her spring break, and probably be with her siblings and friends.

Other students said they had their reasons for not doing anything.

“Honestly I’m not going to do anything,” said Richard Santos, 19, an undeclared major. “[Students are] just too lazy to go out.”

Villa and Santos had their reasons for why students might not go anywhere for break but  Amanda Garcia, 24, an early childhood education major, said there is an obvious reason why students won’t be able to go out.

“If you are a college student you might have deadlines to finish during spring break and don’t have the time to go out,” Garcia said.

While doing nothing is a choice for the break, some students mentioned there were cheap alternatives for those that may not be able to go big for Spring Break. Binge watching shows on Netflix was one suggestion many students offered.

Barba said that students should “meet up with friends and do things that don’t require the use of money.”

Some students like 25-year-old psychology major Natalie Yanez said that they felt that when students say they will do nothing during break it means sitting on their computers, phones or playing video games.

“I grew up being an outdoor person, going to the beach or for a swim. Technology is a huge factor since everyone is on the computer,” Yanez said.

Whether students spend their time just relaxing and doing nothing, some alternatives include going to the movies, spending some time in the gym, hanging  out with friends or just spending time indoors.

“Make anything an adventure,” Garcia said. “Go to the mall, go bowling with friends.”