New Playstation game is not for the faint of heart


Very few game titles out there can challenge a player or push them to their mental limits and reward them in such a satisfying way the way “Bloodborne” can.  This new Playstation 4 role playing game from developer From Software will feel familiar to some “Dark Souls” fans but rest assured, “Bloodborne” is a welcomed breath of fresh air to the series that welcomes new and returning players.

Bloodborne’s gameplay simply put, is as fluid as water. The game is all about relentless fast paced combat and forces players to think on their feet as they traverse the streets of Yharnam, tearing apart anything that stands in their way.

The enemies you encounter in “Bloodborne” are no pushovers.  You will die, a lot.

That is all a part of the experience in “Bloodborne.” You must die in order to learn from your mistakes and find a new approach to take on a foe.  It’s a system that will simultaneously frustrate all players and reward the ones that have the tenacity to press onward.

The real treat in “Bloodborne” however, is in its intense and silky smooth combat and upgradeable weaponry.  All of the primary weapons in the game can transform at the touch of a button, most from a quick short range weapon to a slower longer ranged one.

Each weapon has a light and heavy attack that can be chained and combined mid-battle and when done effectively players can execute devastating combinations on enemies.

After taking damage, the player will have a few seconds afterwards to charge in and attack, regaining some of their lost health but at the risk of being hit and staggered, leading to a swift death.  Studying a powerful enemy’s movements and learning its weakness is the only way to survive in “Bloodborne.”

So yes, it is a game of trial and error.

Players looking for an easy 20 minute sit down style game will be sorely disappointed here.

Because players will rely on consumables dropped by foes to replenish health, they will find themselves returning to an area multiple times to collect dropped items before moving on to challenge a boss.

Multiplayer in “Bloodborne” also relies on an item called a Beckoning Bell that summons another player to your game to assist you via matchmaking.  While online, players can also view notes left by other players that give them clues to Yharnam’s secrets and give warnings when certain enemies approach.

Multiplayer is not a huge feature in “Bloodborne” but that never once prevented me from enjoying the ride.

“Bloodborne” is exactly what a good RPG should be.  It presents a beautiful, dark and gothic lore that helps build on the experience.

The gameplay is quick-paced and unforgiving to sloppy players, creating a sense of accomplishment upon victory that can’t be beat.5 Stars

“Bloodborne” is well worth the buy however players should exercise caution because the streets of Yharnam are not for the faint of heart.