Professor exhibits photos of Europe


Courtesy Photo

Professor Jim West is showing his photos of Europe at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center on 2015 J St. until Sept. 5.

As a child, did you ever wonder where teachers went when you weren’t in school? Now you can see through the eyes of Cosumnes River College photography professor Jim West in his photo exhibit “Summers in Europe.”

West had an opening reception of the showcase on Aug. 8 at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center where students, art enthusiasts and pedestrians alike gazed at 40 photos of one man’s vision of Europe.

However, West said this exhibit is really only one path of his art as a whole.

“I don’t think that there is any right answer to life and I don’t think that there is any right answer to art,” West said. “I think I have a strong connection to these images now and then maybe next year I will change.”

Having traveled to Europe more than a dozen times in the past 25 years, West said he had to pick 40 images to show out of an estimated 40,000 photos he had taken of Europe.

“Anything that emotionally touched me, I took it,” West said. “I have to feel an emotional response to something.”

The emotion in his photos seemed to touch others as well.

West’s former student, Scotty Fernandes, said he was inspired by “Summers in Europe” because to him it is more abstract than the typical tourist view. He said the photos were the personal views of West and you could feel that connection.

“As a photography student, to me it’s great to be able to see through Jim’s eyes,” Fernandes said.

A future CRC photography student, Megan Cox, said she was motivated by West’s attention to detail and ability to make the small stuff matter.

“I come and look at this work and it really inspires me to take my work to the next level,” Cox said.

West said that being from Sacramento and having the opportunity to travel around the world gave him the ability to feel strongly towards his art.

Although West admitted to being a little shy about being the center of attention, it didn’t stop him from introducing himself to nearly every visitor throughout the evening.

West emphasized the idea of having passion for life and how one must be passionate about what they choose to do in life.

“I refuse to sit still,” West said. “I refuse to give up.”

“Summers in Europe” will be showcased until Sept. 5 at 2015 J St. Viewpoint’s hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.