‘Deadpool’ brings hope for better comic-to-film adaptions


Full of action-packed fun with a side of violence, “Deadpool” kicks off this year’s superhero movie genre in a notorious way.

Deadpool, played by the stunning Ryan Reynolds, is the “Merc with a Mouth” anti-hero based off the Marvel comics of the ’90s.

Much like his original Marvel background, in the film Deadpool, as known as Wade Wilson, is a former special forces operative-turned-mercenary.

After he is diagnosed with cancer, he is offered hope to cure his illness by enrolling into the Weapon X Program.

There, he is given regenerative healing powers and super reflexes but not without the price. The mutation also makes him mentally unstable and disfigures his entire body during the process, making him look like Freddy Krueger’s long lost brother.

With a much deserved R-rating, this is not the type of superhero movie parents should take their children too see. Mirroring the comics, “Deadpool” is a bloody, violent and comedic twist in the superhero genre.

Somehow, “Deadpool” is not a comedy, romance or revenge story, but a combination of all three.  With non stop humor, fourth wall breaking and, let’s not forget, the violence, this movie will keep you laughing in your seat throughout the entire film.

“Deadpool” is the best comic-to-movie adaptation of all time. From his signature red and black outfit to his wisecracking personality, this was the movie all superhero and comic book fans have been waiting to see.

Morena Baccarin gave a superior performance as the love interest Copycat, once a call girl that falls head over heels for the wisecracking mercenary. With her attractiveness, toughness and facetious personality, she is the right kind of crazy and smart that Wilson is attracted too.

Reynolds gave an outstanding performance wasting no time on screen and the perfect candidate for Deadpool.  Reynolds is Deadpool the same way Robert Downey Jr. will always be Iron Man, the perfect man for the role.

After some big time flops, Reynolds hacked and slashed his way back up into his acting career with the box office success of “Deadpool,” including breaking R-rated opening weekend records with $133 million, according to an article from The Hollywood Reporter.

Director Tim Miller made this film true to its comic book source that all fans will appreciate. Miller himself is an avid fan of comic book heroes, which brings a perfect blend of fandom and directing. With his cunning aspects and his love of comics, Miller took his first feature film and took it straight up Hollywood’s biggest hits.

For those comic book nerds out there, there are handful of cameos and clever easter eggs throughout the movie. My advice is to keep your ears tuned to Wilson’s peculiar quotes and statements.

Since it is a Marvel film, there will be a post credits scene so hold onto your tickets before you leave. “Deadpool” is a must watch in theatres, with a new refreshing twist to the superhero genre.