Fox’s ‘American Horror Story’ season six premieres after long anticipated arrival


After months of teaser trailers, vague comments and painstaking attempts to uncover the truth about Fox’s highly acclaimed TV series “American Horror Story,” season six finally premiered on Sept. 14.

Before the show commenced, the title image flashed up on the screen and finally revealed the theme for the season: The Roanoke Nightmare. This theme has been hidden from its audience since the beginning of production.

“The Roanoke Colony,” more commonly known as “The Lost Colony,” is a true American mystery.

A group of over 100 English settlers sailed from Europe to North Carolina to start a new life in the late 16th century. The group’s leaders sailed back to England to retrieve more supplies, but when they returned a few years later, the settlement was in complete ruins and all of its people had vanished.

This mysterious disappearance has never truly been uncovered and left many other settlers believing that the souls of the Roanoke Colony haunted the land of North Carolina.

With this information in mind, season six opens in a documentary style format, presenting our two main characters: Shelby, played by actress Lily Rabe, and Matt, played by Andre Holland. They begin recalling past events in what we assume is present day, speaking directly to the camera.

As they tell their story, a dramatic reenactment plays featuring actress Sarah Paulson and actor Cuba Gooding as young versions of Shelby and Matt.

Their story is one of close lovers who met at a yoga class and settled in Los Angeles, but after a dangerous encounter with a gang that left Matt in the hospital, the couple decides that they want to move somewhere less dangerous – somewhere peaceful – and Matt recommends North Carolina because he has family ties to the area.

The hour-long season premier is less of a supernatural thrill ride and more of a true narration of an actual American horror story. Even though this is a real-life account of two people and something phenomenally insane that has happened to them, season six moves away from the previous season’s paranormal abnormalities while still having the AHS feel to it.

Even though season six has had a slow start, episode one already leaves us wanting to know more about the strange world that has been created around Matt and Shelby’s lives, wondering what is going to happen to them, what will become of the men with torches, and how in the hell Lady Gaga is going to be tied into all of this.