Students enter raffle to receive textbook scholarship


Cosumnes River College students waited in the heat, on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at the CRC fountain stage for the chance to hear their name called to receive a scholarship to the Hawk Nest Bookstore.

In total, 26 students received scholarships,  21 students that were present at the drawing and five students that were absent, each received a $300 scholarship to the Hawks Nest CRC College Store, to use towards their textbooks. The donors: CRC Hawks Nest College Store and CRC Annual Fund, made the textbook drawing possible.

“We encourage as many students that can, to apply, they just have to have nine units and be currently enrolled at CRC”, said Elizabeth Starbuck, CRC relations specialist.

Starbuck has helped with the drawing for six semesters and said, on average, 1,000 names are put into the drawing each year.

Students that may have already purchased their textbooks for this semester can use the gift card for the next semester, said Starbuck.

For some classes, textbook codes are needed to succeed in the course. Many students do not realize when they purchase textbooks from other companies such as: Amazon, Chegg, and, the codes are not available to them they must buy another book to have the code.

“All of my classes this semester have the online attached to it, so I need the codes for it,”said Bobbie Bray, 22, business administration major. “There are three books I have to purchase that I can’t get online or through a textbook exchange. So, I have to pay full price for them, from the bookstore,” she said. Bray has participated in the drawing every previous semester that she has attended CRC.

Bray said that if she won the scholarship, it would help her purchase the textbooks that she needs for this semester.

Jessica Hernandez, 24, majoring in nursing, participated in the drawing previously and said that her math books are expensive and this drawing will help her save money, she also plans on participating in the drawing next semester.

Students lined up for free hot dogs and sodas that were served from noon to 1:00 p.m. Beverages were provided by Pepsi and the CRC Annual Fund Donors.

The textbook drawing was a success as 26 student’s names were drawn by President Edward Bush, Vice President Corey Wathen, Dr. Steven Ladd, the district superintendent and many other faculty members.

Students are already planning on attending the textbook drawing again next semester, for the chance of receiving the $300 Scholarship to the Hawk Nest Bookstore to use toward their textbooks.