Honors program offers students political insight


The Honor Seminar Political Campaign Communication course offered this semester on campus, thoroughly studies the dynamic spectrum of political communication.

Professor Hodgkinson has a coach-instructional style that creates an inviting, organic and engaging environment. Her students come together in a seminar style with everyone’s desk rearranged in a circle and turned inward.

“I like how this class invites the different thinking from everybody while inviting them to go ahead and explore their own topics and beliefs and present them in the class,” said David Mattson, 28, cyber security & programming major.

The students who are participating in this honor course have access to benefits that normally aren’t available.

“Students get amazing academic support and opportunity from just taking an honor course,” said Hodgkinson. “There are additional benefits if you decide if you want to participate as a member of the honors program here at CRC.”

One of the benefits is the intimacy between the professor and the students in the class setting.

“Definitely commend Professor Hodgkinson, she makes the environment very welcoming,” said Lyonna Yohannes, 21, international major. “How the class is set up, everyone facing each other and being outside of a traditional classroom that in itself and having a conversation face to face with the professor and classmates makes you learn better.”

Honor 340 Political Campaign Communication course are for students who have applied and been accepted in the honor program here at CRC.

The Political Campaign Communication course is intended for honors students interested in learning about the political communication, rhetorical criticism, and techniques for writing for academic audiences according the course description.

Students enrolled in Honor 340 are expected to produce an original piece of research.

“Each student in the course submit their work to the Western State Communication Association Conference, which will happen next February in Salt Lake City,” said Professor Hodgkinson.

“Any of the students who have their work accepted at this professional conference will have an opportunity to travel to the conference and present their original research alongside other academics,” she said.

Professor Georgine Hodgkinson has expertise in the political communication field and is passionate for her students.

Professor Hodgkinson, is a contributing author to The Millennium Election: Communication in the 2000 Campaign and The Electronic Election: Perspectives on the 1996 Campaign Communication.

The honors program offers a seminar style which is different than the traditional lecture course.

“In a regular course, the professor is responsible for delivery of the curriculum in a seminar the students are responsible along with the professor for delivering the curriculum,” said Honors Program Director Dr. Rick Schubert.

The Honors Program is designed for motivated and academically successful students who want to expand their potential and intellectual growth. The program offers beyond the undergraduate level found here at CRC.

“We accept honor program applications on a running bases, so students can submit the program application at any time,’ said Dr. Schubert. “We can even process applications up to the third week in the semester, so it is possible to register for honor courses and apply at the same time.”

For more information visit crc.losrios.edu/areas/honor and/or contact Professor Rick Schubert at [email protected], (916) 691-7494.