Veterans Day, a time for honor and rememberance

Tomorrow is a day of honoring the brave men and women that served our country in the military.

A day where discounts are given and special events like parades with former and current military members marching down streets across the nation is the least that could be done.

Cosumnes River College has 418 veterans attending classes this semester.

United States Army veteran Michael Lopez, who is pursuing a kinesiology degree at CRC, is attending the Veterans Day Parade in Elk Grove with his wife, and, for the first time,  his 11 month-old son.

Lopez follows the male bloodline in his family where a member has been serving in the military in every war since World War II.

The 31 year-old spent eight years in the Army before getting medically retired due to numerous injuries from Improvised Explosive Devices, which caused several fractures in his vertebrae and spine.

Mariah Peck, United States Air Force veteran, served six years and 28 days. Her favorite moment in the military was a one year tour overseas in South Korea.

“When you are stationed overseas, you have a lot more camaraderie,” Peck said. “The bond of the brotherhood and sisterhood is a lot closer because everyone is away from their families, so everybody leans on each other for the support we don’t have.”

Six year Marine Corps veteran and chemical dependency counseling major John Spuehler is looking to help veterans in the transition process of returning back into civilian life.

The 57 year-old joined the military so he could grow up and become responsible. Through his years of service, Spuehler learned “leadership, motivation, honor, integrity.”

Tomorrow, Spuehler will be reflecting on the time he spent in the Marine Corps and thinking of his fellow brothers and sisters who stayed in after he got out but also the ones he lost while in.

Nov. 11 is a day off of work or school to members of society who haven’t served in the Armed Forces, but to veterans, it is a day of remembrance and reflections on experiences they endured while serving in the military.

“It’s a time to honor all those that have served. I know people say Veterans day isn’t Memorial Day,” said Lopez. “You should definitely think about the troops that gave their life and for all of us to be here.”