Students and faculty urge newcomers to take advantage of resources

As a new semester rolls in, Cosumnes River College welcomes a new batch of freshman in need of advice and guidance on how to smoothly navigate through their next few years.

Many freshmen start college nervous and unsure of how they will proceed through the next few years to reach their goal, whatever it may be. But what freshman need to know is that they are not alone.

“You’re not just thrown in and lost,” said Megan Neves, an adjunct counselor at CRC. “You get to have a little bit of guidance.”

Neves explained how resources such as group counseling sessions help students “get a community feeling” as well as give them access to “pertinent information.”

Neves urged students to “take advantage of events going on on campus” and to “go see counselors”. She said that “students coming in aren’t used to seeking out help,” and she advises them not to hesitate to use the helpful resources that are available to them.

Time management, learning to advocate for yourself and acclimating to the campus are three of the most important things a students needs to do to have a good college experience, said Neves.

Halimeh Edais, a 19-year-old international relations major, would advise freshmen to stay on top of things and understand that college is a different environment than they may be used to.

“Do not slack off,” said Edais. “It’s not like high school; you can’t always make things up.”

Regrading helpful tools, Edais said that “being in touch with my professors” and “finding good friends in class in case you miss something” have made her college experience much easier.

Gabriella Botella, a 19-year-old communications and sociology major who will be transferring to a four-year-university in the fall, said that one of the most useful tools in her college experience has been her email.

“I learned how important it is to use your email and check up on it,” she said. “Through email, I ask my professors follow-up questions and comments I didn’t have the courage to say in class.”

But what freshmen should know is that, above all else, any new experience will be difficult at first but they should persevere nonetheless.

“College is supposed to be hectic because this is the start of your new life, your future,” said Botella. “Don’t stress about the things you don’t know yet. Look for answers and don’t stop until you find them.”