Students share their appreciation of campus resources

Cosumnes River College offers a wide variety of clubs and events going on its campus.

Student opinions on the different opportunities that the campus is able to offer compares to what the student body looks for in attending the right college environment for them.

For example, the campaign for the student election began Tuesday. The athletic department has five sports teams in season currently and numerous guest speakers have spoken about various topics in the Winn Center.

A few weeks ago, the quad was surrounded by food trucks where students were able to eat different varieties of food. Chemistry major Wesley Brownlee, 19, loved to see the food trucks on campus.

“It brought more students outside to engage with one another,” Brownlee said.

He added that he liked the cultural events CRC has offered in the past few months.

“The school should have more school spirit,” said Brownlee. “More fairs and cultural events would help so people can become more educated on cultural backgrounds.”

Brownlee suggested that there should be more advertising for the events, like having people walking around handing out flyers instead of only seeing a banner on the library from the quad.

CRC also has the First-Year Experience program which 18-year-old undeclared major, Jasmine Baker participated in last summer.

“After being on campus for a couple months, I fell in love and wanted to stay here,” Baker said.

She added that it was easier to get enrolled at CRC because of the Steps to Success program. The Steps to Success program can be found on the school website where it takes five easy steps to get enrolled in our campus.

The program includes applying for enrollment for new students, an orientation of the campus, taking an assessment/placement test for English and math classes, setting up a Student Education Plan with a counselor and then registering for classes at CRC.

Baker said that she liked the quiet campus feel compared to another Los Rios campus where it was overcrowded and more difficult to keep to yourself.

The classes offered at CRC appeal to many different majors. However, one of the majors that isn’t offered in its entirety is nursing, only offering lower-level courses.

Nursing major Lindsey Mayes, 28, said she is aware of this.

“I wish the campus offer upper level nursing classes,” said Mayes. “I have to take classes also at Sacramento City College to complete the requirements to transfer.”

Although the campus doesn’t offer complete courses for nursing, there are other programs that the campus offers plenty of courses for. Art major Teresa Beltran, 19, said she has a lot of different art courses to take.

“I like that there is a lot of different options of art classes for me to take,” Beltran said.

She also likes the smaller size of the campus compared to other campuses where it seems overcrowded.

Another benefit that the campus offers is great faculty.

Baker said that she liked how the faculty are responsive and quick on giving back feedback.

Overall, there are a lot of different opportunities that the campus offers, but in the end students have the chance to make change.