‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ theatre production puts an “electric twist”

Cosumnes River College’s theatre department performed one of William Shakespeare’s popular plays, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” in the Black Box Theatre.

Cheri Fortin, theatre arts professor and director of the play, put an “electric twist” on the classical Shakespeare play.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is about four young Athenians, two men and two women, who are put under a love spell by a magical flower from the fairies, but mistakenly fall in love with the wrong person.

This creates chaos and heartache as the Athenians fight over one another for love. The fairies fix their mistake by pairing up the couples correctly and happily in the end.

Fortin, who has a love for electronic dance music, modernizes the play by intertwining EDM in the scenes.

Although the music was entertaining, it does not mesh well with the play.

Shakespeare wrote the play in the late 1500s, an era before technology developed.

The play had story issues as Fortin incorporated modern technology for their props, such as taking a selfie with their smartphone and using Apple headphones to listen to music in a scene.

With the play dating centuries ago, the use of technology felt out of place.

Elizabethan English is archaic and unusual for the modern era, but the solid acting by the CRC cast helped the audience decipher what the story was about.

The play closely followed the original script, and the cast acted it out well. The actors gave a fluid   performance, without missing a beat in being in tune with their characters.

The room was filled with laughter from the light and comedic tone of the play with the witty dialogue.

The behind-the-scenes production was executed well with the colorful lighting, forestry scenery and intricate costumes.

Overall, it was a good play with great acting and production, but it fell short because of the modern and out-of-place twist of EDM music and technology.

The theater arts department invites everyone to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The show is playing through May 13. Tickets for general admission are $12 and students with an ID are $10.