New students learn best tips on how to achieve academic success in college

It’s the start of a new fall semester, and that means there are new incoming students. That being said, here are a few things new students should know.

As new students, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the campus and its various services, such as counselors, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and various others. These services aid students in academically succeeding at Cosumnes River College.

“I feel a lot of students don’t know about the services we offer on campus like EOPS,” said Miguel Lemus, an outreach clerk at CRC. EOPS is a good way to find out what benefits you qualify for.

Counselors are one such resource that students have at their disposal, and students are encouraged to communicate with their counselors on a regular basis.

“Students also don’t know how useful meeting with a counselor is,” said Katrina Alexander, 19, an art major. “Setting up your ed plan can put you on the fastest track to a transfer with an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science degree.”

Another resource is the library here on campus as they have textbooks from a wide variety of classes that you can study from.

“Using the books in the library can help you save money and they are a good way to study on campus,” said Lemus.“Some students can’t afford books. It’s imperative for them to know that the library on the main campus allows students to check out textbooks for a few hours at a time to study from.”

Being new to the campus, students may not know all that’s going on

. “The best idea is to get informed on what’s going on whether its something on campus, something with your financial aid or your classes; get informed and stay on top of things,” said Christopher Thomas, 27, an English major.

As is typical for a new student at a new school, one may find themselves in a position where they need to ask for help.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your professors. Even the strict ones are rather nice,” said Alexander. “Getting help when you need it shows that you care about the course you are taking and helps you better understand the material.”

Life on campus can be difficult at times. Keeping up with your academic responsibilities and managing your time becomes much more of a hassle as things can happen at any moment.

“Managing your time wisely and scheduling social things around your school schedule is going to help a bunch,” said Donald Jones,19, a former CRC student.

Study groups were suggested as a helpful resource during moments of high-stress throughout the semester.

“Things at school can be on the stressful side at times, especially around midterms and finals but there are ways to lessen the stress a bit here on campus,” said Tylar Flaherty, 19, a kinesiology major. “Studying with a group, to learn from one another, can make things a bit easier as opposed to studying alone which may not always yield the desired results.”

“One bad grade isn’t the end of the world,” said Flaherty. “Don’t beat yourself up over a missed assignment or over a C. Just keep going and do better next time.”

In addition to working hard and being understanding with whatever outcome you may receive, it is also important to remember to take care of yourself.

“Life on campus can be rather taxing at times, but always remember to take a break every now and then,” said Tyrique Antar, 18, an art major. “But don’t take too many breaks, because then you’d be slacking off and that’s no good.”