Theater department’s production of ‘Chicago’ set to ‘Razzle Dazzle’ audiences

The hit musical “Chicago” is coming to Cosumnes River College thanks to the collaboration of the music, dance, and theater departments.

The departments are currently collaborating to put on the musical to show in late November. The performance is set to be a real treat for the campus, as a musical is produced only once every two years.

“Theater is the art of collaboration and there is nothing more collaborative than the musical,” said Theater Professor, Cheri Fortin, who is directing the production.

What makes musicals special is that there are a lot more people involved as it’s a collaboration between the actors and the vocal director, the choreographer, the music director and the musicians, said Fortin.

“The team is much wider and much more comprehensive, and there’s so many more elements that, as a director, I have to coordinate and collaborate with,” Fortin said.

The cast is also significantly greater than usual as this production’s cast of 20 is larger than the typical cast of 4-8 performers in a play, said Fortin.


However, the large scale of musicals makes them rare as well, as they are both resource intensive and expensive, said Fortin.

Music Professor Omari Tau, who is working with the cast as their vocal director, said that this production is a great experience for the students involved.

“They’re not just learning things in a classroom; instead, they get to put them to work,” Tau said.

“They get to put them in front of an audience, which is one of the main goals that we have in the performing arts.”

The production’s choreographer, Dance Professor Joan Tierney, commended the cast that they have and the skill they bring to the stage.

“It’s a challenge, but we have a talented group of kids,” Tierney said.  

Audiences can “plan to be entertained,” said Tierney.

“I don’t think anyone will be bored,” Tierney said.

Fortin also said that audiences can expect a show that is fun, vibrant, lively and sexy with intensive dance numbers and beautiful singing.

“Chicago is a straight up, Broadway, big-spectacle musical, and I think that’s what they can expect,” Fortin said.  

The show opens Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m. and runs until Dec. 9.