‘Thor: Ragnarok’ mixes comedy and superhero action in a successful addition to the franchise

“Thor: Ragnarok” came out Nov. 3 and lived up to the hype by being the best movie in the Thor series so far.

In the first two films, we knew Thor would just swing his hammer and somehow come out on top. in this one however, it’s unsure how he will even survive.

Transitioning away from the more serious films we are used to seeing, this movie is a lot brighter and characters are much more comical compared to how the previous movies.

The film brings back a few fan-favorite characters such as Loki and the Hulk and even features an appearance from Dr. Strange.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, starts off the movie by making light of the fact that he’s captured, making jokes and letting it be known that he will escape.

Even our favorite rage-filled green friend, Hulk, was given some funny dialogue with Thor.

Thor finds Hulk on a junk planet called Sakaar where Thor is captured and forced to fight for his freedom by the Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum.

The Grandmaster is an interestingly strange character who runs the planet and tells Thor he must fight his champion which just so happens to be Hulk.

In this movie, Hulk is more like a little kid who just wants to be liked and throws a few temper tantrums here and there but, with it being the Hulk, that means massive damage.

The bond between Hulk and Thor is like two muscle-head friends who are competing to be the strongest and want to show each other up. Their friendship definitely becomes stronger compared to what it was in “The Avengers.”

The movie would of been good even if there weren’t any action scenes, but of course, there has to be the battles full of CGI which are always enjoyable.

The fight scene between Thor and Hulk was very entertaining and funny, especially with the expression on Loki’s face when he saw Hulk.

Cate Blanchett does a good job of playing the main villain, the Goddess of Death, Hela, but is overshadowed by another leading lady, Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson.  

We know what we’re going to get from Hela as soon as she makes her appearance on screen but there’s the intrigue of who Valkyrie is and what role she is going to play in the movie.

Although the bulk of the movie is funny and witty, there is an emotional aspect  as characters get slaughtered and we lose a major character in the Thor series.

Fans are given a little treat as we finally get to see Idris Elba’s character Heimdall fight, answering the long-time question of whether Heimdall was a warrior or just a gatekeeper. .  

The movie was amazing from beginning to end and it definitely paid off with them straying from a typical superhero movie.

You’ll laugh, feel sad and be shocked during the movie and there’s always the joy of seeing what role Stan Lee is going to play.