‘Wolfenstein’ sequel boasts striking characters

When “Wolfenstein”, a franchise that has been with us since 1992, blew people away with its graphic content and smooth, streamlined first-person gameplay, the world was taken aback.

The latest game in the series is no slouch either, picking up right where the first game in the reboot left off. “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” takes you on a wild, adrenaline-filled ride from start to finish as you blaze your way through countless enemies in an effort to take down the Nazi regime.

The game picks up right where the previous one leaves off, so  fans of the previous game should have no trouble figuring out what’s happening.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to have played the first game to understand what’s going on in this one.

If you had played the first game, some of the scenes that happen early on in the game have a bit more weight. They even include a rather crucial choice from early on in the previous game where you essentially choose who you want to be your partner.

As far as gameplay and controls, expect the same smoothness that we found in the first game and in Bethesda’s other Id software adaptation “DOOM.”

The weapon wheel, used to swap between a variety of weapons is still in the game and even more streamlined than before.

While the game does play very similarly to its predecessor, the camera can feel a bit too loose at times, thus making the gameplay feel strange at first.

In addition to the lack of hitmarkers, a sound and image played when your bullets hit a target, it may prove a tad strange to gamers more familiar with “Overwatch” and “Call of Duty.”

As far as the story goes, it’s one of the best first person shooter, or FPS, campaigns money can buy. The game starts off with you completely vulnerable, but you’ll end up kicking Nazi butt in no time.

There are even parts where we learn about our protagonist B.J. Blascowicz’s childhood, and learn about why he joined the military as well as what drives him to keep going.

One thing the game does an exceptional job of is truly making you despise the antagonist. The General is truly a sadistic and sick woman with a twisted sense of humor that makes her villainy all the more revolting.

Not unlike villains from older games, she’s constantly being seen in posters and her voice is heard over intercoms throughout the course of the game; she truly is a villain worth fighting against.

What also adds to the game is that the main cast of characters are quirky each in their own way, with some characters being as brazen as our main protagonist and others being afraid of what may lie in wait for them.

While “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” is not safe for kids under the age of 17, it is definitely a game worth experiencing at least once, after all the franchise is sort of responsible for FPS games being where they are today.

Bethesda has done it again with this title; truly a solid, well-crafted single player experience.