Overlord movie fails to make a killing at the box office


     “Overlord” is a horror film that came out on Friday that takes place during D-Day of World War 2 and has an interesting premise but fails to sell the story due to forgettable actors and mediocre production.

    The movie was directed by Julius Avery who’s directed one other movie, “Son of a Gun”. The movie starred actors Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Pilou Asbaek and Mathilde Ollivier as the lead roles of the film.

    “Overlord” tells the story of a group of soldiers who parachute into France on June 6, 1944 with the goal of taking out a radio tower in a French village but soon discovers there are sinister experiments that are being performed by the Nazis in the town and decide to put an end to the Nazi’s plans.

    The film has a great a sound to it, but that’s not enough to save this film due to every other factor.

     The sound design and the soundtrack for this film does a good job of building tension for this film, where eerie, suspenseful moments are supported by creepy musical reverbs.

      The beginning of the film starts off with the soldiers in an airplane getting ready to parachute that really supports the sound design of the film.

      The sounds of triple A gunfire, engines on fire and soldiers screaming to leave the plane add to the intensity of the chaos of being in a airplane that is being actively shot at.

       While the film sets the stage for an interesting story, the execution leaves little to be desired, mostly due to trope-like and one-dimensional characters.

    Most of the cast is written off as typical war stereotypes: the new optimistic recruit that hopes to always do the right thing, the hardened commando that only has his eyes set on the mission at hand, a civilian fighter only concerned for her family and a villain that everyone can and should easily hate, a Nazi.

    Other than the stereotypical character traits listed above, there isn’t much else to these characters. The performance from the actors and actress are pretty straight forward; there’s no depth other than what is presented through their exposition that they tell right at the audience.

    There’s no explanation as to why the seasoned veteran and the optimistic rookie are the way they are; they just simply are.

    Along with the forgettable cast, the cinematography is standard and bland, the framing shots are conventional and unimaginative.

    The lighting is decent through the film, all characters are seeable during the day and at night as well.

    The film has currently collected a box office of $23.7 million dollars against its $38 million dollar budget.

      All in all, “Overload” is a serviceable film that will surely entertain people that are interested in zombies, horror and war films, but I doubt that this will even make the top 10’s list for most everyone else who watches films this year.