Dance students performed at showcase as their final exam

Students from various dance classes showcased their elaborate and creative dance skills at their spring recital on May 11 and 12.  

Dance Professor Michelle Green-Clark said she is grateful for the opportunity to offer the courses at the Elk Grove Center and hope the presence of dance will continue to grow.

In addition to giving our dance student an opportunity to perform, our dance showcase introduces our students to the concepts of producing an entire concert,” said Green-Clark. “My favorite component of every showcase is the feedback I get from my students afterwards.”

According to dancers enrolled in the course, the dances performed at the recital were choreographed by dance professors and students that are in the class.

Green-Clark said that the recital showcase serves as the classes’ final exam. Students enrolled in the classes, which include jazz, ballet and hip hop, performed the dances they have been learning as a big production.

Emily Thompson, a 23-year-old social science major, is enrolled in Jazz Dance 1 and said she was casted in the opening number for the show titled “One.” Thompson said she has enjoyed the jazz dance class and was excited to perform in the recital.

“We have began choreographing these dances since the beginning of the semester,” said Thompson. “The recital gives us and idea of what professional dancers do as a lifestyle when performing in shows.”

   The show was about two and half hours long with a 10-minute intermission.   

“It is such a rewarding experience to know that not only are our students learning a lot about dance and performance, but they are having a great time,” said Green-Clark.