Meeting brings pride, tea and students into one place


Summer Lomendehe

Students gathered in the Library Conference Room for the Pride Tea Hour.

The first Pride Tea Hour was held in the Library Conference Room on Tuesday.

English Professor Jose Alfaro, who coordinated the meeting, said the event came together because he was interested in finding a space where students could socialize and support one another. 

“It brings awareness that every community needs and so people can find support, and because not every major group does something the public can access and they can build their audience,” said Joshua Eddington, a 20-year-old English major.

Emma Shnairson, an 18-year-old biology major, said Pride Tea Hour is important to them because they are a new student and don’t know very many people on campus. They also said as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the event lets them hang out with other LGBTQ+ students.

Alfaro also made homemade cookies for the students and staff who came to the event, as well as providing pins that had the campus’ LGBTQ+ community logo on it.

During the meeting, Photography Professor Kathryn Mayo and Anthropology Professor Anastasia Panagakos discussed a photo project they are currently working on, which focuses on how people who are on different sides of the gender binary wish to be identified on the census.

Mayo also said it is an open project so anyone interested can contact her directly for more information.

There was a whiteboard in the back of the room where students could write suggestions for other activities they would like to see on campus. Shnairson, for example, said they would like to see a history class focusing on LGBTQ+ figures.

While Alfaro believes the event is a step in the right direction to show support for LGBTQ+ students, he said there is still always more to be done to show support. 

“The problem is when we think we have done enough to show support,” Alfaro said.                                                   

Alfaro said he hopes to continue the Pride Tea Hour every two weeks on Tuesdays. The next meeting will be on Sept. 24 at 12 p.m. in the Library Conference Room.