‘Transfer Day’ provides information about 4-year universities for students

Transfer Day, which took place in the quad on Monday, was an opportunity for students to explore different university choices from the admissions representatives who visited the campus to answer questions students had about transferring. 

Students had the chance to talk to admission representatives from different University of California campuses, California State University campuses, out of state universities and a few private ones. 

“They get an opportunity to talk to representatives who don’t normally come,” said Transfer Day Coordinator Emily Barkley. “That’s a huge thing. It gives them exposure to schools they didn’t think about before.”

The goal of Transfer Day is to have students interact with the school representatives and for students to leave more informed.

“I feel a lot more informed and it feels like I have a lot more options than I had before,” said Katelyn Rhines, a 19-year-old nursing major. “It’s helpful because you can learn about different options where you can go.”

Students were mainly concerned about the cost of tuition, housing, campus life and other types of requirements like their GPA.

“I want to go far so housing is definitely a concern for me,” said Paola Zamora, a 19-year-old accounting major. “Financial status after college is something I am worried about.”

I feel a lot more informed and it feels like I have a lot more options than I had before.

— Katelyn Rhines

A student’s GPA is an important factor during the transfer process. Maintaining a good GPA will help you get into the colleges of your choice and the University representatives explained why it’s so important. 

“If you have a strong GPA, you are most likely to be admitted to this school, the higher the credit count the better,” said Grand Canyon University Admissions Counselor Christopher Torres. “You need a 2.25 GPA in order to be admissible. It’s helpful, we know life happens and you’re busy.” 

Torres and other university representatives shared their general requirements, facts and other helpful tips to the students at the event. Many students surrounded the university tables and asked crucial questions about transferring. 

“I feel a lot more confident,” Zamora said. “At least I know what schools have my interest now. Two of the schools that I was really looking forward to I am not anymore because they don’t have things I need. I was interested in UC Davis but now I want to go to San Luis Obispo.”

For questions about transferring, contact Emily Barkley [email protected], or Transfer Center counselor Megan Neves at [email protected]. You can also visit the Transfer Center in L-217 located in the Library building.