‘Meat’ the best burger locations in town

The burger. Many people consider it America’s favorite food, and it’s no secret that America has an obsession with it.

The Sacramento burger scene is very much alive and filled with great locations, smells and tastes. Here are a few burger places in our area that you just can’t miss. 

Number three on the list goes to Willie’s Burgers off Broadway and 16th St., where their cheeseburgers are called hammers and their chili burgers are called slammers. 

The burger I get when I walk into Willie’s is the Cheesy Bad Boy. This thing is impressive, packing a half-pound cheesy charbroiled patty with lettuce, grilled onion, tomato and topped off with Willie’s sauce. 

Number two goes to The Squeeze Inn. If you’re from Sacramento you know about this place, and if you’re not, you’ve probably heard about it anyways.

Located at Power Inn and Fruitridge Roads, this burger joint is a Sactown classic. They have small and big cheeseburgers, some with mushrooms, others with bacon and some with all that and extra cheese! 

When I stop in to The Squeeze Inn I’m ordering the double squeezeburger with cheese. Extra cheese! It’s packed with onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and mustard dill pickle, and you can add some bacon if you please. 

The winner, though, goes to The Culinerdy Kitchen, a new spot in Sacramento. 

This place started as a food truck based out of Elk Grove before it became a sit-in restaurant. Put together by celebrity chef Keith Breedlove, the official chef of the California State Fair, and a former chef for the restaurant group owned by Guy Fieri, this guy knows what he’s doing!

This place is not to miss. It’s very affordable for eating out, with most entrees between $9 and $15.

I would eat anything off this menu any day, but there are two items that take the cake–or patty-cake–in this case. 

The Cowboy burger is a must-try coming with smoked pulled pork, melted cheddar, crispy onions, nerdy slaw and drizzled with BBQ sauce.

However, the number one is… drum roll please…The Wake and Bacon burger. This monster starts with a half-pound beef patty, some crispy bacon and has a beautiful sunny-side-up-egg thrown on top. It’s also drenched in espresso BBQ sauce. Holy cow, literally! 

The Culinerdy Kitchen takes home first place in this review, and if you think it shouldn’t, go try it for yourself. The Culinerdy Kitchen is located at 524 12th St. in Downtown Sac. 

Bon appetit!